Natural Hair One Year Anniversary

I big chopped on July of 2011 and I am approaching my one year anniversary of creamy crack liberation (smile). Prior to the cut I had been transitioning for about 5 months, so I had about an inch or 2 of natural hair on my head after the cut. I got my cut at Curlisto’s Fifth Avenue Salon in Manhattan, the cut was done by Tameeka, she’s amazing and knows how to handle textured hair. I left the salon feeling light and excited. One year later, I have no regrets. I love the hair growing out of my head, even on the days that my hair is frustrating the hell out of me. It’s liberating to not run from rain in fear of ruining my freshly blown out “do”. I think cutting out your perm is a personal choice and to each her own. I liked my permed hair while it lasted but I was ready to rediscover my curls and I’m happy for the journey…..


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