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Refresh and Renew

Autumn is upon us and with it comes nature’s kaleidoscope of colors displayed on our trees, a brisk breeze, sharpened pencils and the turning of a crisp page in a new book. I like to imagine it’s a “do-over” season, allowing us to shed the old and emerge new. It can be a time of reflection, invigorating walks or quiet moments, curled up on a chair with a good book. I plan on enjoying this special time of year, making the most of the feelings it brings forth in me, the need to learn something new and take steps towards achieving my goals.
Along with the introspection brought forth by the change in season comes a change in wardrobe…. yes my lovelies, this means boots and blazers or hoodies and sweats, whatever makes your toes tingle. If summer was a time of whimsical dresses and flip flops for you then I’m sure you can throw a cardigan over that cute dress and replace your flops with some peep toe pumps. However, if summer was “forgiving/blousy” shirts and loose flowing pants, you know what I mean (and yes this would be me), then let fall be the time for taking those brisk walks I mentioned earlier, and use buycbdproducts in between time to get your Mind and BODY right. Let’s make a pledge to care for our inner and outer selves this fall so that we are ahead of the game when January rolls around.

Be Fearless you Freak!

We all know that life is short; it’s sweet and sometimes sucks, but it’s always an adventure. If you look back on yours will you be happy with the way you lived it? Take a moment today and write down all the things you dream of doing and take small steps in realizing those dreams…inaction is the death of a dream and fear is its co-pilot. Wake up and commit to one thing that will move you in the direction you want to go. Don’t let fear immobilize your journey to happiness. Don’t be average, normal or go along with the status quo…be different, be a freak of nature and no matter what be fearless!

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